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Improving the health and well-being of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in Illinois

With great appreciation, from: Pamela Goyan Kittler, MS and Kathryn P. Sucher, ScD, RD and Four Winds Food Specialists. Religious food practices vary widely.

We empower health professionals with the tools and training necessary to effectively serve Asian American communities.

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ASIAN HEALTH SERVICES 818 Webster Street Oakland, CA 94607. Asian Medical Center: (510) 986-6800 Frank Kiang Medical Center: (510) 735-3888 Rolland & Kathryn Lowe

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It’s easy to follow traditional Mediterranean and Asian eating and lifestyle practices in your

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Welcome to Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, Inc. We care. We don’t just say it. We mean it. From our front desk staff to our providers and board of directors.

Jewish Health & Healing Practices. Jews’ close connection to healing, both as patients and physicians, is ancient and rooted in both theology and history.

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This newsletter introduces our community of readers to some of the basic concepts behind the traditional medicines and healing practices of Asian cultures.

Health care practices vary considerably across Amish communities and from family to family. Many Amish use modern medical services, but others turn to alternative

Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment, Advocacy and Leadership (APPEAL) is a national health justice organization working to achieve health equity for Asian

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