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How to get rid of those beamer warnings. Many users of the beamer class are irritated by several beamer warnings at every compiler run that are not caused by

An open source numerical library for mathematician, engineers and scientists who work in C++. Users can donate or licence (for commercial uses) their own code

Actually, register tells the compiler that the variable does not alias with anything else in the program (not even char’s). That can be exploited by modern compilers

Free Online IDE and Terminal – Edit, Compile, Execute and Share Programs Online to experience the best cloud computing where you can edit, compile, execute and share

is it possible to convert a Python program to C/C++? I need to implement a couple of algorithms, and I’m not sure if the performance gap is big enough to justify all

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Compilers/Translators/Parsers/Preprocessors: ADAPTOR (Automatic DAta Parallelism TranslaTOR) is a public domain HPF compilation system which offers the use of the

Free Programming tools: software translation, documentation tools, software design applications, compiler construction kits, installers, file formats and extensions

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Thanks for your suggentions. but, in my dissertation latex style, the appendix must be write ini like “list of appendixes”. Would you like to give me some oppinions?

WinEdt is a powerful and versatile all-purpose text editor for Windows with a strong predisposition towards the creation and compilation of LaTeX documents

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Quick guide to LaTeX, structured in short lessons. Interactive tutorials show that LaTeX is easy to use. Your introduction to write beautiful papers.

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