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ببليوجرافية للقواميس العربية إعداد جون هينتون BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ARABIC DICTIONARIES Compiled by John E. Hinton

Several of his books online, at Project Gutenberg.

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Proterozoic 4; Canaima National Park: The oldest rocks are Precambrian and, around 1700 million years old, are some of the oldest on the planet (crit vii)

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The History of Russia begins with that of the Eastern Slavs. The traditional beginning of Russian history is 862 A.D. Kievan Rus’, the first united East Slavic state

The strange, beautiful and powerful world of microbes RAVINDER NAGPAL1, A.K. PUNIYA1, M. PUNIYA2, ARTI BHARDWAJ3, KISHAN SINGH1 AND HARIOM YADAV4

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Karl Ernst von Baer, polymath naturalist, formulated the geological Baer’s law on river erosion and embryological Baer’s laws, founder of the Russian Entomological

Croatian Classical Music, 20th-21st centuries Darko Zubrinic, Zagreb (1995) An age is known by its music Croatian proverb (see ) Franjo Dugan (1874-1948), studied

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Like most Yiddish expressions, this is Mediaeval Low German. In Modern German it would be spelled “Ach! Gewalt!” Gewalt is a word that means strength or force, But in

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