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Product Description. All steel construction with hot dip, corrosion-resistant galvanize finish. Installation requires hinge brackets be welded to the lower ring of

Cast Nylons Limited offers 42 standard and custom product formulas to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

The impact modified nylon used in Tapco buckets is termed “slow burning”. It has been tested under Underwriters’ Laboratory Bulletin No. 94 HB.

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Starco™ low profile plastic (HDPE, nylon or urethane) agricultural elevator buckets and cups are engineered for higher throughput elevator legs.

Chain Suppliers – Chain Manufacturers and Suppliers of Conveyor Chain, Bucket Elevator Chain, Chain Sprockets, Roller Chain, Dryer Chain, Buckets and Slats.

314-739-9191 800-AT-TAPCO Fax: 314-739-5880 www.tapcoinc.com ELEVATOR BUCKETS – ELEVATOR BOLTS St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A. St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A.

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4B is a worldwide manufacturer of plastic, steel and stainless steel elevator buckets and cups for agricultural and industrial applications.

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Cast Nylons Stock Shapes NYCAST ® STOCK SHAPES Please call with your specific needs as we may have stock items not listed that are applicable. We can also

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Product Description Distributors. We offer many different types and styles of distributors to fit your grain elevator system. All of our distributors are weather

Established in 1989, Zhenjiang Sanwei Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer at China specialized in bucket elevator and belt conveyor components R&D

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