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Premarital Sex – Causes Of Premarital Sex: There is no behavior without reason. We need to examine reasons why Christian youths do fall

U4U roll outs is a teen trail launched by the Commission on Population (POPCOM) last year as a response to the increasing premarital sex and teenage pregnancy in the

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Premarital Sex – Is it morally right or wrong? How do I know for sure? What should I take into consideration when making this decision?

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Is Scripture becoming outdated and archaic in light of today’s cultural views concerning premarital sex?

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There’s a reason why breaking up from a sexual relationship is much more emotionally painful and much harder to forget than one that didn’t involve sex. It’s called

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The consequences of premarital sexual involvement are damaging on many levels. On an emotional level they often include a profound sense of guilt, shame and regret.

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Buddhism and Sex. This is an age in which sexual matters are discussed with great openness. There are many who are puzzled to know what the Buddhist attitude towards

Pre-Marital Sexual Relations by Archpriest Joseph F Purpura, taken from his book: Moral and Ethical Issues: Confronting Orthodox Youth Across North America It

Efforts like the True Love Waits campaign often hinge on promises that may never be fulfilled.

Premarital (or extra-marital) sex is always a losing proposition! God is clear that His wonderful gift of physical intimacy is to reserved for the boundaries of

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