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Describes sexual techniques designed for mutual excitement and female satisfaction.

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Welcome to probably the very best sexual positions guide on the internet! There’s no doubt that good sexual positions websites are few and far between, so

Sex Positions and Techniques: a photographic guide to sex techniques and the best sex positions.

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Spice things up in the bedroom and try some of these hot sex positions men love and women get crazy orgasms from!

Find out how new sexual techniques can offer you enhanced sexual pleasure.

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Rear entry sexual positions. What’s the big deal about sex from the rear? Well, rear entry sexual positions are exciting for men, that much we all know.

Gay sex positions. As with all sexual activity, practice makes perfect! You may find it takes you some time to get used to anal sex and the sex positions that suit

Information and advice about sexual techniques and positions for men and women in sexual relationships.

Our sponsor, is private, discreet, and secure. Sex is like my man James Brown always said it was going to be “It’s a man’s world, but a man would be

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Woman on top sexual positions. Click on the pictures further down the page to expand them. If you’re a man, you’ll have spent a fair amount of

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