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After 50 years in a kitchen. And growing up where I broke down lots,of whole s. I come to rely on a good boning knife to do a lot of tasks.

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My Dick Pics- Penis Enlargement before and after results – Increased my flaccid by 3.5″ and erect length 2″ – Most amazing feeling to have a bigger dick

1. Meryl, 28 . A super small/soft dick isn’t going to do anything but a huge dick hurts, usually, so like, it just needs to be normal sized/hard/he’s into it.

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Dick size is wayyyy down the list when it comes to whether a guy is good in bed: confidence, rhythm, making me comfortable, attraction—those are all much more

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Penis size myths and facts Myth 1: “My penis is smaller than average.” Many men think their penis is below average size. But what are they comparing it with?

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I’m not gonna front about penis size. It matters to me. Like, if I were falling in true love with you over entrees and post-dessert I found out you had a tiny wanger

It’s not the whistles and bells, it’s the pilot. I recall when the Cirrus first came out, one of the principals said that product liability was not going to be a

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