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Judy’s Forgotten Jewells does not specialize in any one type or breed of or cat. The elderly, sick, pregnant, or soon to be euthanized s are the ones we

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The Physician is a novel by Noah Gordon. It is about the life of a Christian English man in the 11th century who journeys across Europe in order to study medicine

We are a nation of many names: Israel, Jacob, Ephraim, to name a few. Why does it seem that the name “Jew” sticks the most? What does the name mean?

Jun 24, 2014 · His other mantra? Maintain an air of mystery. “I go 10,000 different names so people are consistently confused what to call me,” The Fat Jew explains.

Why Jew Judges Push Perversion. Jews Push Perversion, America In Decline Articles. Why Jew Judges Push Perversion By man Nathanael Kapner October 12, 2014©

circa 90 BCE – 18 CE “Today on Jerry Springer He is a carpenter She is his lovely wife-to-be And she is pregnant!” (Audience) OOOOOOH!

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People might often think of Orthodox Jewish women as “barefoot and pregnant,” but probably don’t think of them as “pregnant and running

January 9, 1982 — For a while now, we’ve been trying to find Jewish European royalty. It seemed plausible at first, but we soon realized that we’re barking up the

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