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Sex Offender Registry. Welcome to the official State of Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry web site. Once you have read and acknowledged the information and disclaimer

Find and Locate local Sex Offenders in Michigan, Search for sexual predators in the MICHIGAN Sex Ofenders Registry List, State of MI registered sex violators

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Rhode Island Parole Board and Sex Offender Community Notification Unit

Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) Title 1 of the Adam Walsh Protection and Safety Act of 2006 established a comprehensive

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Searchable database of registered sex offenders in Missouri, provided by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

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Illinois’s sex offender registry, searchable by name, county, city, or ZIP code.

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Registered sex offenders in the US. Your use of this information constitutes agreement to the following terms. makes no representation, implied or

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The National Sex Offender Public Website enables every citizen to search the latest information from all 50 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, and Indian tribes for the

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This web site is made possible through generous donations by: Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and the National Sex Offender Public Registry. Mapping image(s) provided

The National Sex Offenders Registry. Do Registered Sex Offenders live in your neighborhood? Find out with the registered sex offenders list.

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